CrossFire Aimbot|CrossFire Hacks

One of the most famous Aimbots in the hack history, we have features like Bullet Auto Spead; a completely invisible aimbot which cannot be detected by spectators or killcams, along with No Spread giving you perfect accuracy shot after shot, making this one if not the best Crossfire Hacks out there.

#1 Rated CrossFire Aimbot|CrossFire Hacks

Crossfire Features
- Aimbot 
o AimThru
o AimAt
o AimKey
o Visibility Check
o AutoSwitch
o Adjustable Field of View
o Aim Speed
o Human Aim
- Esp 

o Name
o Distance
o Pose
o Weapon
o Health
o Line
o Bounding Box
o Enemy Warning
o 2D Radar
o Ignore friends
- Removals 

o No Spread
- Misc
o Chat Spam
o Draw Fps
o Draw Time
o Draw Resolution
o Custrom crosshair
- Settings

o Menu Pos X
o Menu Pos Y
o Menu Width
o Radar Pos X
o Radar Pos Y
o Radar Size
o Crosshair Red
o Crosshair Green
o Crosshair Blue
o Save settings( 4 slots )
o Load settings( 4 slots )


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Download and Install the .Net Framework v.3 or Higher

Download and Install the latest version of DirectX


* Extract the aimbot folder to desktop.
* Run the EXE. File inside the Aimbot Folder
* Start CrossFire.
* When the game opens, you can press DELETE on your keyboard at any time to open up the Aimbot menu.
* When the you want to change the options for a specific feature, press down and up to get to it. When it is highlighted, press left and right to go through the options for that feature.
*Now start Owning Noobs Online!!!